Property Details

Address: 10536, 10540 & 10544 - 103 Street, Westlock, AB
Status: For Sale
Price: $1,100,000
Price Per Door: $78,571
No. of Units: 14
Cap Rate: 8.73%

Westlock Estates is a multi-family complex located at 10536, 10544, 10540 - 103 Street in Westlock, Alberta. The complex consists of three buildings: two 4-plex townhouses, and one 6-plex apartment building.

The two 4-plex townhouse buildings are two storey, wood-frame construction buildings. They were built in 1971. Each of the 8 units are thee-bedroom units with 1.5 baths. Each townhouse has a concrete patio and a full-size basement complete with separate gas furnaces and hot water tanks.

The 6-plex apartment building is a two and a half storey, wood-frame construction building. It was built in 1971. Each of the 6 suites are two-bedroom suites.


About Westlock

Westlock is an agricultural community with a strong commercial base and a variety of amenities. Aside from being the agricultural hub, the local economy has business services, retail, government administration and manufacturing. We serve a trading area of approximately 22,000 population. According to the 2016 census, Westlock has a population of 5,101. 

Westlock is proud that the world’s first articulated liquified natural gas refueler was manufactured here in the town by one of our manufacturers. We have excellent transportation connections and a high-evolved technological infrastructure. Our urban amenities and small town lifestyle has attracted a well-educated and skilled workforce.

The area around Westlock is primarily agricultural, hence the Town has a number of agricultural related services and employers. Westlock has a vibrant manufacturing sector. Copper headers for plumbing, precision water systems, silage and grain storage, culverts, truck accessories for Ford, GM and Chrysler, trailers, and tanker trucks are just some of the items manufactured in Westlock.

The Westlock Health Care Centre draws people from all over the province. This is due in large part to a very successful orthopaedic surgery program. This program was launched in 2004 as a means to decentralize services in Alberta to reduce the backlog within its major urban centres. Westlock has two orthopaedic surgeons and one anaesthesiologist. Westlock has two medical clinics, four pharmacies, three dental clinics, an optometrist, a chiropractor clinic, massage therapists and more. Along with a good supply of seniors housing alternatives, Westlock is an attractive community for retirees.

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